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Showing 151–200 of 344 exercises
Yates RowRow
Arnold PressShoulder Press
Landmine PressShoulder Press
Machine Overhead PressShoulder Press
One Arm Landmine PressShoulder Press
Smith Machine Overhead PressShoulder Press
Barbell ShrugShrug
Cable ShrugShrug
Dumbbell ShrugShrug
Machine ShrugShrug
Smith Machine ShrugShrug
Trap Bar ShrugShrug
Decline Sit UpSit Up
Machine Seated CrunchSit Up
Sit UpSit Up
Standing Cable CrunchSit Up
Belt SquatSquat
Hack SquatSquat
Pause SquatSquat
Smith Machine SquatSquat
Dumbbell SkullcrusherTriceps
Lying Dumbbell Triceps ExtensionTriceps
Machine Triceps ExtensionTriceps
One Arm Triceps Rope PushdownTriceps
Reverse Grip Triceps PushdownTriceps
Triceps Rope PushdownTriceps
Cable Upright RowUpright Row
Dumbbell Upright RowUpright Row
Smith Machine Upright RowUpright Row
Standing Leg RaiseVertical Hip Flexion
Dumbbell Wrist CurlWrist Curl
Wrist CurlWrist Curl
SupermanBack Extension
Elevated Bodyweight Calf RaiseCalf Raise
Elevated Single Leg Bodyweight Calf RaiseCalf Raise
Bench Pin PressChest Press
Crush PressChest Press
Decline Bench PressChest Press
Decline Dumbbell Bench PressChest Press
Dumbbell Floor PressChest Press
Floor PressChest Press
Larsen PressChest Press
Reverse Grip Bench PressChest Press
Spoto PressChest Press
Archer Push UpChest Press, Plank
Close Grip Push UpChest Press, Plank
Decline Push UpChest Press, Plank
Incline Push UpChest Press, Plank
One Arm Push UpChest Press, Plank
Push UpChest Press, Plank